MKBHD Spots Dead Pixels on OnePlus Open After Just 3 Weeks

Yesterday, OnePlus unveiled new segment of smartphone in its lineup that is foldable and its name is “OnePlus Open.” We won’t be disusing its pricing and the specs. We directly head to an issue which is seen the latest video of MKBHD on OnePlus Open.

As we know company sends unreleased products prior to launch to popular tech YouTubers and they make videos on it. So here, tech reviewer MKBHD recently shared an issue with his OnePlus Open Foldable Smartphone. Just three weeks after using it, he noticed dead pixels on the inner screen near the hinge. This raises many concerns about the device durability and quality.

Dead pixel on OnePlus Open

As of now, OnePlus has not given any reply to this matter yet. For sure some users will think before going for this foldable smartphone. These types of dead pixels also happen with other brands such as Samsung, Google Pixel and more.

Here is the video where MKBHD shared his initial impressions about the newly launched foldable smartphone:

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