Meta Employee Mistakenly Reveals the Working of Trending Topics on Threads

Threads, a similar platform that Meta introduced to compete with X (Twitter). The platform was launched in July, this year. Now it seems that Meta is going to bring new Trending Topics options in Threads very soon. After this feature was introduced in the app, users can find posts on the most discussed topics on Threads too as like X (Twitter).

For now, Meta has not officially confirmed that Threads will get this Trending Topics feature very soon. But an employee from Meta has accidentally posted a screenshot which is now deleted. The posted screenshot was noticed by app developer Willian Max, who has reposted that screenshot.

In the leaked screenshot, first, we have Search text in bold at the top. After that, we have a Search box and below the search box, we have 5 topics with a number of threads posted on each topic below that topic as shown in the leaked screenshot below.

As the screenshot comes from an internal version of Threads, So till now it’s unclear whether this is the final interface or not. For now, Meta employees have access to the Trending Topics section. We can expect the Trending Topics section in the Threads very soon in the public version.

Recently, Meta has rolled out a new update for Threads in which users can easily switch between accounts without having to log out and log in. In August, Meta has released a Web Version of Threads. With this Web Version users can access the Threads on Desktops/Laptops as well. This Web Version also works great on iPads. iPad Users can also download Threads from the App Store. But that was optimized for iPhones.

iPhone/iPad Users can also download Threads from the link given below:

Download Threads for iPhone/iPad

Note: Threads app only works on iOS 14 or above. If you have below iOS 14, then you can use Threads on the Web via


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