iPhone 13 Battery Health Drops Quickly After iOS 18 Beta Update

Recently, I updated my iPhone 13 to iOS 18 Developer Beta 1. Everything looks great. But on June 25th, I randomly checked out my Battery Health. I saw that battery health reached 91% from 100% in just four months. After that, I thought that this was an issue with iOS 18 Developer Beta 1 which could be fixed with iOS 18 Developer Beta 2.

Note: I only charged my iPhone to 80% in a day. Even after that Battery Health dropped very fast.

Then, I saw that Apple had released iOS 18 Developer Beta 2. So, I updated my iPhone to that version. But even after that, the issue persists. But today, I again randomly checked out the Battery Health of my iPhone and the Battery Health decreased by 1% in just 2 days which is unexpected. Now, the Battery Health goes to 90%. After this, I decided to rollback my iPhone 13 to iOS 17.5.1 which is the stable version till now.

Note: Most of the users who are on iOS 17. They asked me whether they could update their iPhone to iOS 18 Developer Beta or not. Then, my recommendation is to stay on the stable version of iOS 17.

Does anyone among you also face the same decrease in Battery Health issues very fast? If yes, then do let us know in the comments. Also, do let us whether you like this post or not.

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