HyperOS to Get Android 14 Permission Manager Very Soon

Xiaomi recently announced the HyperOS user interface, which will replace the Android-based MIUI. HyperOS is based on the open-source Xiaomi Vela system. Regardless, despite being an independent UI, HyperOS shares many similarities with Android and MIUI. A new report claims that the UI will soon include an Android 14 permission manager.

HyperOS Android 14 Permission Manager

As previously stated, Xiaomi’s HyperOS will share many similarities with Android 14, bringing exciting security and privacy enhancements. If you’re interested in the standout features of Android 14, there’s already a lot of information available on the new permission manager that will be integrated into most devices. Similarly, Xiaomi’s HyperOS will include a new permission manager, which will strengthen the security of your sensitive data.

Xiaomi HyperOS Android 14 Permission Manager
Image via techroma.in

The new permission manager on HyperOS looks and works exactly like the one present on Android. The new permission manager will not allow any app to access your device’s photos or videos. You can now select a specific photo or video for the app to access. Otherwise, none of the apps will have access to your photos or videos until you grant full permission.

This is a fantastic addition that works exactly as it should. This feature ensures that the user has complete control over their privacy and that the application only has access to the photos that they want. Giving access to the entire album was a flaw in the previous system that has now been fixed.


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