How to Use AssistiveTouch on iPhone X or Above

Do you remember AssistiveTouch which we got in the iPhones before the iPhone X series? With AssistiveTouch, you will be able to restart your iPhones and do more. So, the point is how you can enable AssistiveTouch on the iPhones after the iPhone 8 Series. Until the iPhone 8 series it comes by default. But if you want to enable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone X or above, then you have to follow the procedure listed below:

How to Enable AssistiveTouch on iPhone X or above?

To enable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone. Open Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch. Toggle on the AssitiveTouch.

enabling assistive touch
assistivetouch disabled

After enabling AssistiveTouch, you can customize it as well. If you want to customize the options. Then you have to click on the Customize Top Level Menu.

customize AssistiveTouch Options

If you want to reset your customized AssistiveTouch options, then you can simply do that by simply clicking on the reset button which is shown in the image above.

Moreover, you can also Customize Actions. To customize, you have to open AssistiveTouch in Accessibility. There you will see Custom Actions. You have to choose the action from there. What will be the action when you Single-Tap, Double-Tap, or Long Press.

You can also open the Notification Centre, Siri, and Control Centre. If you want to come to the Home Screen, then you can also do that from AssistiveTouch as well. Furthermore, you can also Lock your screen, Rotate the screen, Mute, and Volume up and down from the More option present in the Assistive Touch.

Additionally, if you want to restart your iPhone, access SOS, and Recent Apps, take screenshots and gestures, and access one-handed mode by clicking on the Reachability. To do this you have to open AssistiveTouch > Device > More.

Are you guys using AssistiveTouch or use it from now onwards? Do let us know in the Comment Box.

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