How to enable Essential Glyph Notifications on Nothing Phone (1) and (2)

Glyph Interface is one of the things that was hyped up a lot during the launch of Nothing Phone (1). Initially, it had very few features and was more of an aesthetic touch to Phone (1) but with Phone (2) it brought some amazing and useful features, some of which are the Glyph Timer, Volume Indicator, Glyph Progress, and essential notifications.

Glyph lnterface

Essential Glyph notifications were introduced by Nothing OS 2.0 on Phone (2) and later came to Phone (1) with the Nothing OS 2.0.2 update. It is a type of notification light, but a bit different. Basically, when you set an essential notification for any app or contact, whenever you get a notification from that contact, your glyph lights glow, and the top corner glyph light stays on, indicating that it is an essential notification. The Glyph light turns off as soon as you unlock your phone.

Steps to Enable Essential Glyph Notifications

  1. Go to Phone Settings and open Glyph Interface Settings.
Nothing Phone Settings

2. Select the Glyph Notifications settings and click on Add Essential Notification.

3. Select any app for which you want to add an essential notification; by default, it shows apps with the most recent notifications. To add another app, either search it by tapping on the search icon in the top right corner or click on the most recent toggle to select the most frequent notification app or all apps.

4. Furthermore you can also select a specific type of notification or contact for any app by simply tapping on it and selecting the notification source or type.

For example, you can set only WhatsApp group notifications or only calendar task notifications as essential.

5. Now whenever you receive a notification from these apps that you have set as essential, the top right corner Glyph light will keep glowing until you unlock your Phone reminding you about an unread important notification.

This is a very useful Glyph feature as by enabling essential notifications you can focus on your current task rather than being busy reading all the notifications that appear on your home screen while also not missing any essential notification while your phone is kept upside down.

Essential Glyph Notifications on Nothing Phone 2

Although it misses on some features like you cannot select any particular contact messages for WhatsApp or Instagram as essential and it turns off as soon you unlock your Phone rather it should be turned off when you read that notification, but still it’s the most practical Glyph feature available on Both Phone(1) and Phone(2).

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