How to Disable Location Mark Voice Message in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

In recent update, the gamers are getting irritated by the voice message in BGMI or PUBG Mobile whenever your friend or teammate marks the location before taking drop in maps such as Erangel, Miramar, and more.

For example the voice messages are, “Let’s head to Kameshki,” “Let’s head to Georgopol,” and “Let’s head to Pochinki.” You will get irritate when someone repeatedly taps on the location during the game.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile has released its new 2.8 update for its gamers which brings Zombie’s mode with other new features and improvements.

Disable Location Mark Voice Message

To disable it you need to simply open your game then go to Settings > Controls > Advanced Controls > Scroll down a little bit > Under Assist Features you find a new option called “Mute Auto Message.” By default, it will be set to Enable All you need to set it as Mute All.

Disable Location Mark Voice message

When you do this you won’t be hearing any location mark voice message by your friends. Sometimes its useful, but its irritating as well because some players do it for fun and tap continuously on the locations.

There is also an video available on YouTube where the same process is shown perfectly. Just follow it and you will able to disable the option.

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