Green/Pink Line Problems Solved: OnePlus’s New Lifetime Warranty Explained

OnePlus has announced a lifetime warranty for their screens affected by green or pink line issues. Here’s a friendly look at what’s in store for OnePlus 8 and 9 series owners, straight from the experts at the OnePlus service center.

Lifetime Warranty and Discounts for Upgrades

Now you will get a lifetime warranty. It’s no small offering, as OnePlus goes out of its way to ensure that customers facing this green/pink line screen issue get a replacement free of charge.

The company also announced an enticing offer for those planning to upgrade. If the OnePlus 10R has been on your radar, you can grab it at a sizeable discount. OnePlus 8T owners are eligible for a voucher worth 24,500 rupees, making it a deal worth considering.

oneplus lifetime warranty

Details about Warranty

We delved into the specifics of this warranty and spoke with an expert at OnePlus. Here’s what we learned:

  • Cause of the Issue: Those green and pink lines aren’t due to any update glitches or faulty panels.
  • More Than Just Screen Replacement: You can redeem a voucher on any new OnePlus phone, not just the 10R, although that one comes with some extra financial perks.
  • Global Impact: While the offer is limited to India right now, OnePlus is evaluating where the most considerable challenges are to possibly expand it.
  • Physical Damage: Even a scratched or dented screen can be replaced if it’s affected by the green line issue.
  • Reoccurrence: If the issue returns after replacement, OnePlus will still support you.
  • Initial Rejection: If a service center initially turns you down, try again. OnePlus will replace the screen free of charge.
  • Other Locations: If you’re in Bangladesh or elsewhere without an official store, an Indian-based invoice will still make you eligible.
  • Other Models: The warranty isn’t limited to just the OnePlus 8 and 9 series. If any model experiences this issue, it will be replaced.
  • Waiting Period: Partner centers and a pickup and drop facility are available, but you may have to wait if stock isn’t immediately on hand.

A Bold Move in Customer Care

This initiative by OnePlus exemplifies their commitment to keeping their customers satisfied and loyal. The provision of free screen replacements, coupled with generous discounts on new phones, highlights their dedication to quality and service.

For those affected by this issue, OnePlus has opened a window of opportunity to make things right. They continue to be popular with tech-savvy users because of their proactive approach.

Whether it’s being free of those pesky green lines or enjoying a new phone at a reduced price, OnePlus has once again shown that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of its brand philosophy. If you have got this issue on your device, you must take this offer immediately. Here’s to a green-line-free experience!

We had a special conversation with an executive from OnePlus about this on YouTube, you should watch whole video till the end.

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