Google removed Nearby Places Search from their Phone app

Last month, i.e. In February, Google removed a feature named Nearby Places Search from their Dialer app (beta version) in Android and now, in the latest stable version (version 125), this feature has finally been removed. This feature does not appear in the Settings of the Google Dialer app as well. This feature would use your location to consider nearby items or places. Furthermore, the hint has been updated from “Search contacts & places” to “Search contacts.”

Google Phone Nearby places

Few users like the removal of this feature. However, according to Google, only a few users use this feature. Google has also confirmed that in their experience, the feature was not always accurate. Now, officially Google is telling their users to use Search or Maps for mobile numbers.

Why Google has removed this feature?

Google has removed this feature so that they can focus on building the highest quality, most reliable, and most innovative experiences in phone calls.

For example, in 2023 we launched new Call Screen AI features, Hold For Me and Direct My Call support in additional countries, and Call Screen transcripts on your Pixel Watch. There’s a lot more planned for 2024, and our team will be working hard throughout the year to launch and improve even more ways to help your phone calling experience!

In the last Pixel Feature drop, Google introduced a “Hello?” button for silent lines in the Call Screen, bidding the caller. Additionally, there is an “I’ll be right there” — “One sec, checking with the person you called”, to provide you additional time before responding.

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