Google Podcasts Shutdown Confirmed!

Google has announced the official shutdown of its Google Podcasts app starting April 2. This decision was first made public in September 2023. With over 500 million downloads the Podcasts app was a popular platform among users worldwide. This move adds another chapter to Google’s history of discontinued projects.

With the closure of Google Podcasts listeners are being directed to YouTube Music. Google aims to create a superior platform for both listeners and creators by leveraging YouTube’s unique features. These include enhanced community interaction better discovery options and the flexibility to switch between audio and video content.

Google podasts shutdown

Transitioning from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music Google Podcasts users can rest assured that their subscriptions can be moved to YouTube Music easily. Here’s how to make the switch:

  • Start by exporting your subscriptions from the Google Podcasts app. Simply tap “Export subscriptions” then choose “Export to YouTube Music.”
  • Next open the YouTube Music app and select “Transfer.” Follow the prompts to “Continue” and then click “Go to Library” once the transfer is finished.
  • Keep in mind that the transfer process might take a few minutes. Also it’s possible that not all podcasts are available on YouTube Music. In such cases you might need the podcast’s RSS feed to resubscribe.
  • Users have until July 2024 to migrate their subscriptions.

Though many users will move their podcast listening to YouTube Music the shutdown of Google Podcasts is the end of an era for a widely used app. The reason behind discontinuing a successful service remains unclear to many.

As Google turns the page on this chapter it’s uncertain how this transition will affect podcasters and their audiences. Only time will tell if this strategic move will enhance or diminish the podcast listening experience.

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