Google Pixel Watch faces slow charging times after recent firmware update

Google, an American-based multinational smart technology company, has recently started rolling out a new firmware update for the Google Pixel Watch 1st Generation. After this update, most of the Pixel Watch 1st Generation users reported that the watch is taking more time to charge.

Google Pixel Watch Slow Charging

At the launch of the Google Pixel Watch, Google said that the watch would take 30 minutes, to charge from 0% to 50%. But this charging time is achieved in the Google Pixel Watch 2. With the launch of Watch 2, the company has updated the Technical and Device Specifications support page of the Google Pixel Watch. Now, it takes 45 minutes, to reach 50%, which is 15 minutes more.

It takes 75 minutes or we can say 20 minutes more, to reach 80%. Moreover, to complete 100%, it is now taking 110 minutes, which is an increase of 30 minutes. A table is listed below, which clearly mentions the old and new timing.

Pixel Watch: OldPixel Watch: NewPixel Watch: Old
0-50%30 mins
45 mins

30 mins
0-80%55 mins
75 mins

43 mins
0-100%80 mins
110 mins
75 mins
Credit: 9to5Google

Google said that a “firmware update for Google Pixel Watches required us to review the charging times, the new times are what the average user will experience.” For now, the company has not confirmed when this change rolled out or why it was necessary. As we know, the Pixel Watch 2 comes with a pin-based charger which generates less heat. But with the Pixel Watch will quite warm after full charge i.e. charging the watch from 0% to 100%.

This firmware update comes as the Pixel Watch is still available for purchase in the Google Store with a $70 discount. (Wi-Fi model to $279 and LTE to $329).


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