Google is introducing a new ‘Activity’ feed in Google Drive for file-related Actions

Google has added a new “Activity” feed in Google Drive. This new feed shows the comments, pending access requests, and approvals. As said by Google, With Google Drive’s new Activity feed you can see the recent activity of a file and also take action on the page directly.

google drive new activity feed
image credit: 9to5Google

The image mentioned above shows a standalone page that will appear in the sidebar between “Priority” and “Workspaces.” The name of the file will be shown in the left column and the activity will be shown, next to the name of the file. The blue buttons at the right will let you manage access, review and open comments.

The duration of the comment section is 30 days. The items will show if

  • you are mentioned in a comment.
  • you have subscribed to notifications.
  • you are participating in the specific comment thread.

Activity Feed in Google Drive will be available and will be accessed by Google Workspace Customers in the upcoming weeks. This page will be useful for those Google Drive users who have to array a lot of file-related actions. It can be more undivided than email or push notifications.

What do you think about this addition of the ‘Activity’ feed in Google Drive? Do let us know in the comment box.


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