Google Home Team Hints at Widget Integration in Recent AMA Session

Recently, the Google Home Team has taken the first step in Reddit AMA i.e. Ask Me Anything, and in that, the first set of responses expanded WearOS camera notification support and bears home screen widgets.

When asked by the Google Home Team, about the home screen widgets. They said that they are already “working through the details and designs and hope to have some great options for our users”. However, Google also prefers using the Home Panel on newer versions of Android.

The design, product, and engineering teams of the Google Home app are hiring for this AMA (Ask Me Anything). A few of the Answers started appearing yesterday, and many of the new answers will be coming soon. The team has also spoken about how older Nest Cameras are not available in the Google Home app till now.

It’s quite a challenge to take devices designed almost a decade ago and bring them into the Google Home app, but we’re excited to bring users along on this journey.

In the Future, Google is going to expand camera notification previews beyond the Pixel Watch to “all Wear OS 3 + watches, while pairing with an Android smartphone running Android 14 very soon. Google is also discovering more accurate user access controls to your home so, that it’s not unlimited access.


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