Google has launched Titan USB Security Key with passkey support

Google unveiled the Titan Security Key’s latest iteration at the Aspen Cyber Summit in New York City. The Titan Security Key was first introduced in 2018 to improve security against phishing attacks and unauthorized access to Google Accounts. Since then, it has evolved to address the broader challenge of eliminating dependence on passwords.

What does the new Titan USB security key offer?

Google Titan Security Key

In pursuit of a password-free future, Google has introduced passkeys as a simpler and more secure alternative for accessing accounts. The new Titan Security Keys are designed to support passkeys, recognizing that not everyone uses devices compatible with this security feature.

Google Titan
Titan Security Key 2023 specifications

Google highlights its commitment to thwarting attacks by including strong cryptography in these portable hardware devices. These upgraded models, which will replace existing USB-A and USB-C devices, include NFC capabilities for quick connections to mobile devices. They are the best-in-class FIDO2 security keys, with a large capacity capable of storing over 250 unique passkeys.

When users create a passkey for their Google Account on the redesigned Titan Security Key, they can create a simple PIN code that will provide a secure way of signing in without the need for a password in the future.


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