Google Expands Autofill Passwords Feature to iPhones and iPads

Google, an American-based multinational company has started rolling out new features in its Android apps and iOS apps, such as the ability to Autofill passwords. Now, users are able to Autofill Password. It comes after last week’s announcement to set up passkeys for your Google Account.

As we know, built-in Google Password Manager is available on iPhones and iPads within the Google Search app. But now, Google has updated the Search app with Autofill password support. So, that users can easily use the saved passwords in the websites/other apps. The option will show in the suggestion row of the keyboard and it requires face/fingerprint confirmation. Moreover, Google Chrome has already this autofill ability, this should largely target Google ecosystem users who use Apple’s Safari instead of Google Chrome in iOS.

How to Set Up?

So, to set up, first, you have to open settings-> Passwords-> Password Options-> Choose Chrome by default it will be iCloud Passwords and Keychain.

Note: Do remember to update your Google Chrome to the latest version from Apple’s App Store.

Further, if we talk about Google Chrome, on Android Google has added easy access to Clear Browsing Data in the three-dot overflow menu, which can now delete recent tabs along with the browsing history. Additionally, Google has also introduced a new 15-minute duration.

As we know, now in Android we can check whether your email is on Dark Web or not by going into Google Account from phone settings. Now, Google is going to introduce this feature in iOS as well very soon. After the May launch, it can be accessed by 45 more countries.


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