Gboard Now Updates Emoji Skin Tone and Gender with One Tap

Google, an American tech giant will now be allowing you to easily set your own gender and default skin tone for supported emoji in Gboard on Android. Today, as we know, if we choose a different skin tone by long-pressing on the Google Keyboard will make that emoji by default to show up in the grid. But this varies per character.

Imagine how difficult typing would be if you had to long-press each letter to change it to a capital letter, then do it again to get a lowercase letter. This would be painful, slow and frustrating. And yet, when we want to modify the appearance of our emoji’s color or gender presentation, that’s exactly what we have to suffer through.

Google is updating its Gboard so that when you change one emoji, it will be adopted by other supported emojis as well. Before this, it will take 300 taps to apply the tone and gender of every supported emoji. Today, Google is rolling out this update for Gboard for Android Today with the beta version of Gboard 13.5.03.x.

Gboard one-tap update

Furthermore, Google has recently conducted a study with over 2,000 participants that was “balanced across users of the five emoji skin tones”. With this study, Google found that “being able to use skin-toned emoji creates a sense of connection, pride, and representation.”

But study participants reported being very careful about when they use emoji tones. For example, we’re far more likely to use a skin-toned emoji in a private group chat with our close friends than when posting to a public message board full of strangers. Critically, being able to turn off tones is just as important as the ability to use them in the first place.

Google’s other findings are listed below:


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