Enhance Your Navigation Skills with Google Maps Full-Screen Swipe Feature

Google Maps is an app provided by Google for Android and iOS platforms. With Google Maps you can find locations. Also, you can navigate maps all over the world. But now, Google has implemented a new functionality in which users have to swipe but previously we have to tap to see the full-screen navigation.

After this update, you will also see that the company has displayed a new prompt on the screen.

‘To see the full map, swipe up on the search bar’.

Here is the screenshot showing this new prompt:

google maps new prompt

Everything is the same as before when you want to hide UI elements as well as the search bar from the app to catch the full-screen view. You just have to swipe up. That’s it. But users won’t like this new and they still prefer the quick tap instead of this new swipe gestures.

This new swipe gesture is very easy to use. It was first introduced by Google in February. Now, it’s finally rolling out for Android as well as iOS users. Do let us know, which one you guys like the old quick tap or the new swipe one. Do let us know in the comment box.

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