CMF Watch Pro Grabs v11.0.0.43 Update with New Design of Volume Control

CMF by Nothing, a sub-brand of the Nothing company has released a new update for its smartwatch which is called “CMF Watch Pro.” This update brings lots of optimization and fixes the problem with the contact display.

We also have seen the same type of update in the last week of October but this one little bit different. The version is now and its size is 12.3 MB.

CMF Watch Pro v11.0.0.43

CMF Watch Pro v11.0.0.43 Update

This update will fix the problem where the CMF Watch Pro was not showing contact names in the recent section. It also optimizes the volume control design in the music interface with the new updated design. Users can easily adjust the volume of music playing on their phone by tapping on the + or – icon with the watch. Along with this, the music interface will stay on the screen even if the watch times out during the playback.

CMF Watch Pro Recent Contact on Display
Edited Image via Technerd
CMF Watch Pro Volume control design updated

Apart from this the company also fixed some visual aspect with some pages on the watch along with fixing some bugs that were causing bad user experience.

How to Update Your CMF Watch Pro to

To install this update follow these steps:

  • Open the CMF Watch app on your phone.
  • Go to device settings.
  • Choose device updates.
  • Tap on Update to start the installation.

Note: You should charge your watch battery to over 20% and also keep your phone close to the watch during the update process. Do not change the page while updating and ensure that you have a good internet connection.


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