Chrome Address Bar Improves with Smart Autocomplete and Typo Correction

Google is rolling out a new address bar in Google Chrome which improves the accuracy of autocomplete across Google Chrome Desktop and the mobile browser. Rather than autocomplete, if you start typing a URL on the address bar, then Google Chrome Desktop will automatically complete the URL if you visit that website before.

Below is an example:

As you can see in the above image, if you type “flights”, then it will autocomplete to instead of you need to type first.

Along with this, Google Chrome will now recommend popular sites even though you have not visited them or you have mistyped the website URL.

Moreover, the URL names that you have misspelled will now be detected and return suggestions based on the previously visited websites on Google Chrome for Android, iOS, and as well as on the desktop.

Also, you can now search within the bookmark folders by involving the name of the folder in the search on desktop and mobile. After that enter the query, then the suggestions will be visible in the list as listed below:

It may be related to Material You Redesign which is rolled out as Chrome 118. For now, this is not widely rolled out. Google said that users will now get faster results as soon as they start typing.


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