BGMI Tier Reset Time for Cycle 5 Season 13

Many gamers wait for the next season and want to know BGMI Tier reset time. Also when their stats will be back to zero and don’t know exact details. Here you will learn everything you need to know about it.

BGMI Tier Reset Time

The BGMI Tier Reset always happens on the morning. According to the BGMI Cycle Season it usually happens after 05:29. After that, it could take 1-2 hours to reset your stats and then a new season will be introduced. For me, the tier reset happened at exactly 07:30 am on October 21, 2023.

BGMI Tier Reset

Talking about BGMI Season it lasts for two months and players are rewarded based on their highest tier reached in the classic matches.

Cycle 5 Season 13

After the Tier reset, you will now be introduced to “Cycle 5 Season 13” in BGMI. It starts from today October 21, 2023 and ends on December 14, 2023.

Cycle 5 Season 13 in BGMI

List for BGMI Cycle5 Season 13 Tier Reset

We have a table for the BGMI Tier Reset that where you are going to land in the rankings. Example, if you are in Ace Master then you will go to Platinum II.

Current TierTier PointsC5S13 Tier
Bronze V1,000 – 1,300Bronze V
Bronze IV1,300 – 1,400Bronze IV
Bronze III1,400 – 1,500Bronze III
Bronze II1,500 – 1,600Bronze II
Bronze I1,600 – 1,700Bronze I
Silver V1,700 – 1,800Silver V
Silver IV1,800 – 1,900Silver IV
Silver III1,900 – 2,000Silver III
Silver II2,000 – 2,100Silver II
Silver I2,100 – 2,200Silver I
Gold V2,200 – 2300Gold V
Gold IV2,300 – 2,400Gold V
Gold III2,400 – 2,500Gold V
Gold II2,500 – 2,600Gold V
Gold I2,600 – 2,700Gold IV
Platinum V2,700 – 2,800Gold IV
Platinum IV2,800 – 2,900Gold IV
Platinum III2,900 – 3,000Gold III
Platinum II3,000 – 3,100Gold III
Platinum I3,100 – 3,200Gold III
Diamond V3,200 – 3,300Gold II
Diamond IV3,300 – 3,400Gold II
Diamond III3,400 – 3,500Gold II
Diamond II3,500 – 3,600Gold I
Diamond I3,600 – 3,700Gold I
Crown V3,700 – 3,800Platinum V
Crown IV3,800 – 3,900Platinum V
Crown III3,900 – 4,000Platinum IV
Crown II4,000 – 4,100Platinum IV
Crown I4,100 – 4,200Platinum III
Ace4,200 – 4,700Platinum II
Ace Master4,7000 – 5,200Platinum II
Ace Dominator5,200Platinum I
Conqueror4,200Platinum I

We hope that this article must have clear your doubts about BGMI Tier Reset timing and other thing as well. If you still have any questions drop them in the comments.

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