Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.2 Developer Beta with 7 Exciting Features for iPhones

Apple company has released the first beta version of the “iOS 17.2” update. This update brings a lot of new features. This beta version brings a new Journal app and collaborative playlist feature for Apple Music.

For now, this beta version remains exclusive to developers. However, iPhone users can expect this update to be available to public beta testers in the coming days. The full iOS 17.2 is set to launch in the upcoming weeks.

New Features in iOS 17.2 Developer Beta

  • Journal App: A digital space where users can document their daily happenings and musings. Apple aids with optional prompts for those facing writer’s block. A distinctive feature of this app is the ability to enrich entries with images voice notes and even geotags.
  • Collaborative Playlists on Apple Music: Apple Music takes social listening to a new level. Users can now craft playlists and invite others to contribute. Plus, the app now auto-curates a “Favourites” playlist. The Focus Filter also makes a debut allowing users to turn off the listening history.
  • Sticker Responses in Messages: Improves the way users communicate, iOS 17.2 allows users to quickly respond to chat bubbles with stickers or emojis. It’s all about amplifying expressions.
  • Action Button’s Translate Feature: Exclusively available for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max this feature allows for instant translations using the Action Button. It seamlessly integrates languages preset in the Translate app.
  • iMessage Contact Key Verification: With the introduction of iMessage Contact Key Verification it ensures an added layer of protection against unauthorized conversation access. This feature comes in handy particularly for individuals with high security needs.
  • Revamped Widgets: Widgets have been a favorite for users looking to personalize their device’s interface. iOS 17.2 adds a range of new weather widgets with expansive information. Plus the Digital Clock widget can now be added in both the Home Screen and the Lock Screen.
  • AirPlay Receiver: Bridging the gap between devices the new update comes with the “AirPlay Receiver” setting. This could mark the beginnings of a more integrated AirPlay experience where users can seamlessly project content from their iPhones or iPads onto any AirPlay-compatible smart TV.
Apple iOS 17.2 Developer Beta

Additional Features

Along with these new features, Apple introduces customization options for Memoji under the “Body” section and a “Fast Fade” feature in the Books app. Users can also opt for rainbow text for names in the Contact Poster. Emergency alerts have been made smarter with the “Local Awareness” feature. The Apple TV app simplifies its user experience by doing away with separate tabs for Movies and TV shows. And for those who like staying updated the News app will now cover Live Activities.

So iOS 17.2 will be a good update as we can see the number of features added in this beta update. It will improve the overall user experience. Let’s wait for the Apple to release this update all iPhone users.

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