Apple is expected to implement Google’s Gemini AI in their upcoming iOS 18 – Bloomberg Report

As we already know, Google’s Pixel 8 and Samsung’s latest flagship i.e. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra come with a variety of AI features. However, we have not seen any AI features in iPhones. But some rumors suggested that Apple will introduce generative AI with its upcoming iOS 18 update which is going to be announced at WWDC 2024 in June this year.

A report from Bloomberg suggested that Apple is in talks to implement Gemini AI (which is from Google) in their iPhones. A few rumors also suggested that Apple is discussing with OpenAI (the developer of ChatGPT) regarding this. The deal with Google is made on agreements associated with making Google, the default search engine on Apple iPhones.

As per the report, Apple and Google have not decided the terms of the agreement, how this will be utilized, and the branding. So, there are few chances that Apple can go with other partners too such as ChatGPT (OpenAI), or other generative AI models. Both Apple and Google are active in compromises, so Apple licenses Gemini, from which they can implement AI features that are rumored to be coming with iOS 18. The report from Bloomberg also suggested that the AI features are worked with Siri as well.

A few reports also suggested that Apple is testing its large language model having the codename Ajax (internally). A limited number of employees are also testing a basic chatbot having the nickname Apple GPT. Although these efforts are still considered less if we compare them with competitors, a partnership can be a good decision.

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