Android 15 First Developer Preview Now Available for Pixel Devices

Google has unveiled the first Developer Preview of Android 15, although it is a day behind schedule. This early peek into Android’s next iteration underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing productivity, media experiences, and overall app efficiency. Android 15 also focuses on extending battery life while improving privacy and security on a multitude of devices.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Key features introduced with Android 15 aim to protect user data more effectively:

  • Privacy Sandbox upgrades to level 10 in Android AD Services, introducing a new Privacy Sandbox for personalized ads that respect user privacy.
  • Health Connect from Android 14 extensions 10 offers a secure way to manage and share health information collected by apps.
  • File Integrity brings in FileIntegrityManager with advanced security features to block unauthorized changes or malware threats using fs-verity.
  • Partial Screen Sharing allows for specific app window sharing or recording, enhancing user consent and privacy.

Empowering Creators

Android 15 introduces several features aimed at supporting creators:

  • In-app Camera Controls: give creators more authority over camera settings, enhancing low-light captures and flash adjustments.
  • Virtual MIDI 2.0 Devices: provide better support for virtual MIDI apps, making it easier for composition apps to manage synthesizers.

Boosting Performance and Quality

The update prioritizes app performance with:

  • Dynamic Performance through the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), improving power efficiency and thermal management.

Developer Productivity Improvements

With Android 15, developers gain access to new OpenJDK APIs and enjoy enhancements that simplify their work, ensuring broad compatibility across devices running Android 12 and beyond.

Planned Timeline and Updates

Google has laid out a comprehensive timeline for Android 15’s development, which includes several phases leading up to the final release:

  • February: Launch of Developer Preview 1 for gathering developer feedback.
  • March: Developer Preview 2 with additional features and adjustments.
  • April through August: A series of Beta releases culminating in the final version being released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the wider ecosystem.

Platform Stability Milestone

Expected by June 2024, the Platform Stability milestone at Beta 3 will indicate the finalization of APIs and system behaviors, guiding developers toward the release phase.

Getting Started with Android 15

Android 15 logo

Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is available for Pixel devices ranging from the Pixel 6 series to the Pixel 8 series, including the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. This preview is aimed at developers for testing and is not recommended for general use.

Google invites developers to test the Developer Preview and contribute feedback as preparation for the full Android 15 launch progresses.


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